An honor student and an athlete, “J.W.” could have chosen any number of paths, yet he loved this country and wanted to serve her. He joined the Michigan National Guard while still in high school. After serving a tour in Egypt, J.W. volunteered for deployment to Iraq where he completed his mission on November 21, 2005. He left behind a young bride among other family members to mourn his loss. Thank you Pfc. John W. Dearing for your bravery, patriotism and for your ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the Land that we Love.



Vietnam Traveling Tribute Wall
is Coming to Oscoda 
Motorcycle Esscort
Wall Flyer 

Tuskegee Airman
Alexander Jefferson, Lt Col. Ret.
Visiting Veteran's Memorial Park
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The Veterans Memorial Park of Northeast Michigan is located on six acres of Oscoda Township property located at the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base.  This site is being developed to honor the memory and contributions of Veterans who have served our country with honor and dedication.  Currently, we are in the process of construction of a Pentagon Service Memorial.  This project is being constructed on a concrete slab of just over 11,000 square feet that has been laid in the shape of a pentagon.  At each corner of this pentagon, a set of two walls is being constructed which will consist of 8 X 16 inch granite tiles on which are engraved names and service history of honored veterans.

These tiles may be purchased by anyone who wishes to honor a U.S. Veteran, deceased or living.  Current cost is $250.  A form for this purpose which details procedures and requirements may be found on this website.    

Below is a film clip about Veterans Memorial Park in Oscoda, MI



Located on the corner of Skeel Avenue and F-41, the Veteran Memorial Park was established on Veteran’s Day November 11, 2006 and consists of 6 acres under continuing development. The Circle of Flags, which includes the 54 United States and territorial flags is impressive. The Visitor’s Center is open on all holiday weekends, special events and other selected times. The parks stated purpose is to provide a place of relaxation and reflection which recognizes and preserves the honor of those who served and scarified for our freedom.